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Market of domains is one of the quickest growing industry. Is called market of 21st century which giving high return with min risk. Imagine you can get few hundred %returns back to you if you doing right. Domains Market is save and convenient. Just because a domain has expired, doesn’t mean it has to be kicked to the curb immediately. It is worth considering turning the internet address into a parked domain for a certain period of time in order to generate advertising revenue. This allows domain owners to bid their time and come up with a new web project for the domain or to find a suitable buyer.

How can you make money with domains?
The name itself is the gold thing. Big company can need that if describe them business. So how to do this? W If you will choose good domain name, it can be worth a fortune. This is the most easy way to make money. You don’t even need a website to start domain trading. hat’s steps do you need to do to sell a domain?
I will explain in the next chapters
• 1stCheck the value of a domain
• 2ndDetermining a sales path
• 3rdAnnounce information
• 4thDesigning a domain listing
• 5thPreparing payment
• 6thTransferring domains

1.Check value of a domain
First we have to go to site called expaired domains. That’s the place where we can find all worthy domains to buy.Good idea is to make list on the paper of the names of domains.
If you want to be successful in this field, you must first now what certain domains are worth. The first sign of good domain value is URL. The well-known top-level domains like .com have much more demand than new TLDs Short domains are also better than longer ones. Domains that contain multiple parts and unusual words are particular least likely to be sold for the good price.
If the domain name already contains an important search term, the web address will most likely get a higher price.
To have a better understanding of the market, you can use online tools like go daddy appraisal, which show the sales price of similar domain names. It helps you to set roughly what price you can charge for your domain. Of course, you want to get as much out of your web address as possible, but the price that is too high will surely deter buyers. It is important to find a good sweet spot.
When you really want to get into domain trading you should buy and sell domains regularly, you should always keep track of pricing. Observe how the market behaves over a longer period of time. This allows you to estimate where the trends are going and which domains are worth investing in.
2.choose a sales platforms
There are different ways to sell a domain. For example, you can place a visible advertisement on the domain’s traders platforms like sedo, go daddy auctions,. Interested people can contact you directly to discuss the sale. Other domain dealers find big success through eBay. The auction platform has a well-known, reputable infrastructure. If you decide to trade domains on eBay, you can access the same features you already know from other products.
There are also different sites that you can use to buy and sell domains. Platforms like Sedo or Flippa provide marketplaces where you can advertise your domain. Basicly you put focus on catchy title of domain, checking appraisal, how old domain is(if older then better),how many backlinks domain have- these factors are important.

3.important information

Every domain owner must disclose contact information in the Who is register, which is basically open to the public. If you want to sell your domain for as big a profit as possible, you should make your contact details available. This enable interested buyers to contact you easily.
You can also mention the domain is for sale in the Who is entry. If you add the- Domain for Sale- extension to your company name, interested parties will know that it is definitely worth contacting you.
4.Create a domain listing

First of all if you have chosen a platform where you want to advertise your domain, create an open listing there. Like with other sales, there are a few rules to keep in mind: If you state your domain name and price, you haven’t got big chances to sell that domain. People who provide additional information are more likely to magnet prospective buyers to make a purchase.
You can also add a product description to your domain. For example, you can enter information about the domain’s previous ranking and provide information about what kind of industry areas the URL is appropriate for. Even adding a picture is helpful: for example, a screenshot of the former website encourages marketplace visitors to consider your advertisement. If possible, you can also comment on the existing or expected future value of the domain, justifying a required price.
Be aware
Not every marketplace giving you a chance to create extra information. However, in those cases, no-one can take advantage of this, so it doesn’t necessarily have to become a disadvantage for your listing. Instead, many platforms allow you to promote your domain for a fee. So, if you assume that your domain name will fetch a decent price, it can be worth investing in the additional advertising.

There are two methods to do that: You can set a fixed price, or auction. One and another got own pluses: A fixed price is more appealing to many buyers, they now exactly what the price to expect. Others prefer auctions, since they feel like they can get a bargain. Is opportunity here to achieve a high price at auction, interested buyers can outbid each other for a domain you sell.
In some cases, you will also find the option for interested parties in a marketplace to make you an offer. This allows you to enter into private negotiations.
You should also think about the specific payment process, since selling a domain works differently than buying food in the supermarket. An intermediate point between you and the buyer provides mutual protection. Many marketplaces therefore offer a fiduciary service as part of their offer. If you don’t sell your domain through a marketplace, you should definitely use an external trust service so that there is no legal dispute afterwards.
6.Transferring domains
Once you have sold your domain, you then have to hand it over to the buyer. How this process takes place depends on which provider the domain was purchased from, because access rights are also managed there. At the end, the new holder is registered in the registry (issuer), completing the sale. If you have conducted domain trading through a specialised marketplace, it will usually assist you in transferring the domain.
While you are waiting for your domain to sell, you can make a little money with it. Domain parking allows you to display advertisements under your URL and generate revenue.
Inspirational info:
25 most expensive domain names publicly reported
Here are the 25 most expensive domain names publicly reported.

  1. — $49.7 million
  2. — $35.6 million
  3. — $35 million
  4. — $30.18 million
  5. — $30 million
  6. — $18 million
  7. — $17 million
  8. — $16 million
  9. — £9.99 million
  10. — $14 million*
  11. — $13 million
  12. — $11 million
  13. — $9.5 million
  14. — $9 million
  15. — $8.8 million
  16. — $8.5 million
  17. — $8 million
  18. — $7.5 million
  19. — $7.5 million
  20. — $7 million
  21. — $6.8 million
  22. — $6 million
  23. — $5.8 million
  24. — $5.5 million
  25. — $5.5 million
    Please note that we’ve added five domain names to the list since we originally published this post in 2017.
  • The domain name sold twice — Once in 2005 for $14 million and again in 2010 for $13 million.

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